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10% off ALL Roller Chains

Although a simple concept, roller chains are actually very efficient at what they’re made to do. They contain short cylindrical rollers held together on the sides by links. The whole chain wraps around a sprocket on the piece of machinery and helps to spin the toothed wheel. One big advantage of roller chains is that if they fall off the sprocket, they can just be put right back on. No expensive repairs, no major down time.

The roller chains we carry here at Off Road Belts comes in chains of 10 feet. We carry 25, 40, 41, 50, 50H, 60, 60H, 80, 80H and 100. These numbers represent the size and the higher the number, the higher the tensile strength, meaning that the chains can carry and withstand more weight at one time.

During the month of October, all roller chains are 10% off! You can look at all our roller chains and shop them online here. Just use the code 10rollerchain at check out.