Automotive V Belts

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Automotive V-Belts:

Just like classic V-belts, classic banded V-belts are also their industry’s standard and are used in several heavy-duty applications. Classic banded V-belts are typically the belts used by original equipment manufacturers. They are used in instances when the pulley design of the machine requires two or more classic V-belts joined together to connect multiple pulley drives in order to avoid load fluctuations or belt turnover. These high-quality V-belts are essentially just classic V-belts connected, or banded, together to create a thicker, stronger and more rigid belt to use in a machine.

Classic banded V-belts are banded across the back of the belt to keep them together. By connecting them together, you get a stronger application and also consistent tensioning across all of the belts. It also makes the belt more rigid, which then increases friction, thus making it easier to apply to a machine. Any and all classic V-belts from standard belts to cogged belts can band together to form a classic banded V-belt.

Since classic banded V-belts are just multiple classic V-belts banded together, classic banded V-belts also have a high resistance to temperature (-31 degrees F to 158 degrees F), like classic V-belts, but more of a limited resistance to oil.

Classic banded V-belts are categorized by the number of bands, the width of the bands, if they are cogged or not, and like classic V-belts, the internal length. Based on this criteria, there are four types of classic banded V-belts: Banded A (1/2″ width), Banded B (21/32″ width), Banded C (7/8″ width) and Banded D (1-1/4″ width).

Here are some of the popular Classic Banded V-Belts:

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