Cogged Metric V Belts

Cogged Metric V-Belts:

Lately, metric V-belts have become more widely-utilized in machinery applications. More industrial machines have been introduced to the U.S. and the rest of the world from European companies. Cogged metric V-belts are simply metric replacement belts, wedge belts with a metric pitch and metric length measurement.

There are many advantages to cogged metric V-belts. They can generate up to 50 to 100 percent more horsepower than the classic-sectioned belts with a similar width on the top of the belt. This is achieved by the dimensional changes, better cord constructions and optimum placing of the cord line. These metric wedge V-belt features provide the best support to the cord while it is in motion. For the most efficient performance of wedge drive, it is essential that the proper tension be maintained in the drive. Failure to do so will cause the wedged design to become ineffective.

Metric V-belts are used in many various applications and industries. They are used on industrial water vacuums, as well as commercial and industrial fans. Metric V-belts are also used on commercial printing presses and commercial printing machines. Anywhere you might find a metric-sized pulley is a candidate for a replacement metric belt.

Here are some of the popular Cogged Metric V-Belts:

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