Cotton Cleaner Belts

Cotton Cleaner Belts:

Cotton Cleaner Belts are synchronous V-belts which can be made out of either Kevlar or rubber, depending on its use. Cotton cleaner belts are used to drive the cylinders mainly in cotton gins but can also be found on inclined cotton cleaner machines. Kevlar cotton cleaner belts are designed with a trapezoidal tooth layout and Kevlar-tensile cords for ultra strength to last in the toughest jobs.

One advantage of Kevlar cotton cleaner belts is that Kevlar cotton cleaner belts have at least twice the normal belt life, if not more than that. Not only do they have a long service life in normal conditions, but they also last longer in harsh environments as well. The Kevlar-tensile cords provide exceptional shock-load resistance and these belts can help to cut down or eliminate downtime of your machine since they are long-lasting. Kevlar cotton cleaner belts are also heat and oil resistant, which adds to their exceptionally long-lasting service life.

Rubber cotton cleaner belts are similar to Kevlar cotton cleaner belts, except that rubber cotton cleaner belts have steel tensile cords instead of Kevlar tensile cords. They are still made to withstand harsh environments and have a long-lasting service life. Although not as heat and oil resistant as Kevlar-made belts, rubber cotton cleaner belts are still resistant, just not to as high of temperatures. One advantage of rubber cotton cleaner belts are that they are cheaper than their Kevlar alternatives, if you need a belt at a cheaper price but one that will have similar effects.

Take a look at some popular Cotton Cleaner Belts:

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