Heavy Duty Kevlar V-Belts

Kevlar V-Belts:
Heavy-duty Kevlar V-belts are built to be stronger and last longer than standard belts. Whereas standard belts are typically made with polyester cords, Kevlar belts are made from Kevlar cords which can withstand more wear and tear. Kevlar V-belts are specifically made to endure the most severe conditions such as high-load and high-pulsating load conditions.

Kevlar V-belts can also carry extreme amounts of horsepower with ease. For example, when using a machine that contains a back side idler, belts will tend to wear out quickly. Kevlar belts, however, are made to withstand these conditions and will last longer on these machines.

Kevlar belts have a higher tensile strength rating than standard (polyester-corded) V-belts. This means that Kevlar belts will cut down on the stretch when put in tough situations, such as the one above. Kevlar belts will also last longer and need to be replaced less often.

Another benefit of Kevlar belts is that they can endure reverse bending and twisting, another feature that will make them outlast standard belts.
Benefits of Kevlar V-Belts:

Provides less slippage while clutching
Able to withstand a high level of reverse bending and twisting
High resistance to larger shock loads (high tensile strength)
Kevlar belts are great for lawn mowers and snow blowers
High resistance to heat, weather, oil and cracking
Less stretch than standard-corded belts
Design is uniform, which provides lateral rigidity
Evenly distributed shock load and pulsation
All belts are heat- and oil-resistant
Cover allows smooth and even operation in severe conditions
Belts meet or exceed RMA Standards
Excellent lateral rigidity

The most common use of Kevlar V-belts is in lawn mowers. The reason for this is because lawn mowers are used so often (especially in the summer months) that you need a belt that will last. Although lawn mowers are the most common use for Kevlar V-belts, they are not the only place Kevlar V-belts can be used.
Here are some more common Kevlar V-Belt uses:

Walk-behind lawn mowers
Riding lawn mowers
Commercial lawn mowers
Lawn edgers
Garden tractors
Chippers / shredders
Compost equipment
Snow blowers

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