Poly V Belts

Poly V-Belts:

Poly V-belts are produced in a mono-block design and are comprised of multiple V-shaped ribs. These V-shaped ribs run longitudinally along the inside of the belt, instead of across the belt like the teeth on a timing belt. These multi-rib belts are fabricated to run on a pulley with corresponding grooves, of which the ribs fit right into. The belt transmits torque via contact of the belt rib flanks and the pulley grooves. The belt’s one-piece structure guarantees an even distribution of tension across the width of the pulley where the belt is in contact.

One major advantage of multi-ribbed poly V-belts is that they have a reduced thickness, which results in high flexibility and the ability to be wound up tight into small diameters. They can also tolerate being run at high peripheral speeds and still maintain high efficiency. Another benefit to poly V-belts is that even while being run at high speeds, they do not make a lot of noise.

Take a look at some popular Poly V-Belts:

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