Power Twist Belting

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Power Twist Belting:

Rubber V-belts will fail and need to be replaced. Power twist v-belts are made to be permanent replacements for traditional V-belts as they are more durable and last longer than regular drive belts.

Power twist link belts are an excellent alternative to traditional rubber V-belts. They last longer than rubber V-belts because they can withstand more extreme temperatures than the rubber belts (-40 degrees F to 240 degrees F). Also, unlike rubber V-belts, power twist belts are simply unaffected by water, grease, oil and other industrial and agricultural solvents and chemicals.

Power twist belting does not need to be routinely re-tensioned either, which cuts down on maintenance costs and down time. They are easier to install and only need to be re-tensioned once – 30 minutes of running after installation because of the links in the belt. With power twist belts, your need to purchase and keep multiple sizes of belts on hand will be eliminated. Since power twist belts are the catch-all of V-belts, can fit any size belt and outlive rubber V-belts, you will save money in the long run by not having to buy or replace traditional rubber V-belts. These belts are a permanent replacement to rubber V-belts.

Power twist belts do cost more than rubber V-belts, but you are also getting a higher quality product. Just remember that you are saving in the long run of maintenance costs, money tied up in inventory and fewer replacements of power twists belts.

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