Roller Chain

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Roller Chain:

Roller chain, or bush roller chain, is most commonly used to transmit mechanical power for industrial, agricultural and domestic machinery. Industrial roller chains contain short cylindrical rollers held together by links on the side. The chain wraps around and runs on a toothed wheel called a sprocket. Although this form of power is very simple, it is an effective and reliable way to power machinery. Some well-recognized uses of roller chains are on machines like motorcycles, bicycles and cars.

Roller chain is designed specifically to reduce friction, which makes the chains last longer and also work more efficiently. It is important that the chains stay clean and properly lubricated. Roller chains are now equipped with O-rings, rubber rings built between the outside link plates and the inside roller link plates. The rubber acts as a barricade to keep the factory-applied lubricant grease inside the chain and dirt and dust particles out. This seemingly simple act greatly extends the life of the O-ring roller chain by aiding in keeping it clean and keeping the proper lubrication inside doing its job on the chains.

The most common way roller chains are measured is by their tensile strength. This measurement will reveal how much a chain can handle one time without breaking. The higher the size, the higher the tensile strength and the more weight the roller chain can handle. Some roller chains have an H after the size, which means they are a heavyweight chain that contains thicker side plates.

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